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Casey Hill Sweeps Diving Events vs. Clarion; HL Diver of the Week
by YSU
Friday, Feb 8, 2013 6:25 am
Casey Hill Sweeps Diving Events vs. Clarion; HL Diver of the Week
Youngstown State diver Casey Hill capped off a strong final home performance earning two wins in a diving dual vs. Clarion and in the process for winning three of four events over the weekend was named the Horizon League's Diver of the Week.

Hill finished first in the one-meter against Clarion on Sunday with a score of 269.84 while winning the three-meter with a total of 276.60. YSU's Bec Stafford was second in the one-meter event at 269.19 and placed third in the three-meter event at 252.60.

Hill was named the HL Diver of the Week after strong weekend. Against Bowling Green she won the three-meter with a score of 276.15 winning by 25 points.

It was the second time this year she was named a Horizon League Diver of the Week.

Results from YSU Diving Invitational | Feb. 3, 2013

One-Meter Results
1. Hill, YSU 269.84
2. Stafford, YSU 269.16
3. Sarah Zerfoss, Clarion 239.54
4. Lauren Slayton, Clarion 233.32
5. Kristin Day, Clarion 226.19
6. Jen Ard, Clarion 212.63
7. Noelle Melani, Clarion 185.47
8. Caitlyn Kaufman, Unattached 184.87

Three-Meter Results
1. Hill, YSU 276.60
2. Kristin Day, Clarion 273.45
3. Stafford, YSU 252.60
4. Sarah Zerfoss, Clarion 222.37
5. Jen Ard, Clarion 218.25
6. Lauren Slayton, Clarion 217.27
7. Noelle Melani, Clarion 187.65
8. Caitlyn Kaufman, Unattached, 158.03
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