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The YO Show:
Well, another tough out opponent for the guins. Second one in a row, albeit with a week off in between! Should be an interesting matchup as we have been incredibly strong against the run and the Bison will no doubt look to impose their will in the ground game.

And unfortunately, they will.  Our defense will tire out again due to inept offense and playcalling!

I am never one to say run the QB. But I think we have to because our QB is an inconsistent pa$$er, is big and can run.  We need to involve him in the run game to create conflicts to free up Jaleel.

Nothing causes the NDSU defense any real trouble.  Over the years the one thing that has been a minor inconvenience for them is a running quarterback. It would be insanity to force Crenshaw to pa$$ from a small or nonexistent pocket.  To stay in this game we must get the ball into the hands of our skilled athletes with some space to operate.  Does anybody think that our offensive coaches can come up with such a plan? I certainly don't.

do they have a quarterback who can pa$$ on the team


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