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YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Softball - this is positive
« on: July 09, 2021, 11:49:34 AM »
I saw that her brother transferred from Kent to Arkansas in baseball.   Also see that she graduated in 3 years from Kent so she is a grad transfer. Seems like a strong addition. We need a second baseman, not a first baseman which she played at Kent I think. Our first baseman was a freshman who played well. Maybe one of them can play a quality second base. Softball in college is a fast game with the short base length so the infielders need to be good to get outs.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Softball - this is positive
« on: July 08, 2021, 03:46:29 PM »
In general I dislike the idea of transfers in general. It is bad for college sports in my opinion. Addy Jarvis left us a few years ago for Illinois and Illinois got another top transfer from Dayton this year. But nice to get a high quality player for us which this young lady sure is. Any word on why she left Kent State? She had playing time, quality facilities, etc so why leave?

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Penguins Reach 30 Wins
« on: June 04, 2021, 09:53:52 PM »
Just watched Wright State and Tennessee. Wright State leads 8 -5 into the bottom of the 9th. Only need 3 outs before 3 runs. Had a relief pitcher who got out all 7 batters he faced. For some reason they take him out after the 8th inning. A new pitcher in the 9th.  Three batters with one rocket out. He is replaced by a starter to try to get the final 2 outs. He walks the first batter to load the bases. Doesn't want to throw fast balls, Tennessee is a good fast ball hitting team.  Hangs a slow curve ball and a grand slam later they loose 9 - 8. WOW. Why not stick with the guy who got 7 straight outs and see how it goes.  I guess he is a position player also and only pitched a few innings all year.  But he sure looked good today.  Not only YSU with questionable pitching.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Penguins Reach 30 Wins
« on: May 28, 2021, 05:02:29 PM »
Watched our games yesterday. In the past with our top pitcher, Collin Floyd, we were nearly unbeatable, usually in game 1 of a series. Coach decided to go with the number 2 starter in game 1 against UIC, Colin Clark, probably thinking if we win against UIC that Floyd gives us a better chance in game 2 against probably Wright State.  I think he knew our pitching after the top three guys, including Jon Snyder, is probably not good enough to beat any of the playoff teams with any regularity. It didn't work out as none of our starters gave us the great starts we needed and we were facing the top starters for the opposition. Things like that happen in baseball.

We also had trouble with the other teams bunting. We were had a few times on bunts and it looked to me like our 3rd and 1st baseman were playing positions they did not grow up playing and couldn't make the tough plays.  And I think they stole 4 or 5 bases in each game.  Also our 2nd baseman sure looked like he has a sore arm and cost us a play or 2.

All in all we had a much improved season with hope for the future.  Our limitations were exposed and luck didn't go our way.  Again you need to look at the teams in the tournament. The enrollment at UIC is 29,100, Milwaukee 27,000. Chicago, Milwaukee, and Dayton are much larger cities to get dollars and players for a program and at least Wright State and UIC I think have on campus fields.  Eastwood field is great, but far from campus for practice and games.  This year attendance at home games was good I thought compared to other years, but it doesn't compare to an on campus venue. So as in all YSU sports recruiting is key. With the current Coach our future is good compared to our past.  Recruiting contacts and facilities need to be built and the other top teams have that history and contacts we need to build.  Look at Track and Field.  We are the top team by far. We have a Coach Gorby who has been here at least 20 years. And we have an excellent indoor and outdoor facilities on campus that exceeds the rest of the league.  I think only the new team, IUPUI, has an indoor facility on campus.  As for a baseball field on campus, it would sure be great.  But the cost would be high.  We need President Tressel to stay for a while and maybe we could do it.  I recall when I first was on campus in the 70's the facilities master plan had a baseball complex on campus in Smokey Hollow.  It hasn't happened yet.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2021 YSU FOOTBALL SCHEDULE (Fall)
« on: May 06, 2021, 06:21:55 PM »
I have heard that since we played a spring season with the short turnaround for fall, it was thought that 10 games in the fall would be enough wear and tear on the players. Not that I agree, but that is one thought I have heard.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Baseball
« on: May 02, 2021, 11:34:19 AM »
Yesterday's 2nd game was a disaster. I watched the final few innings. The 1st reliever in the 7th inning got through without giving up any runs, but they hit some rockets off him. Score still 7 to 1 in our favor.  All we need is 6 outs and we win. Next reliever in the 8th gets the 1st out, only 5 more outs and we win. No one on base. I think a walk, hit batter and a monster home run. Now 7 to 4. At this point I would think if we had a strong reliever, he would come in at this point. Gary Cliff I think is our top reliever who pitched an inning the day before. He is not brought in and the next reliever I think walks a batter and gives up 3 home runs and we are down 8 to 7! In our top of the 9th they bring in a reliever who pitched over 2 innings in the first game and he gets us out without us putting the ball in play. Three called 3rd strikes! What a disheartening loss. Not sure how they can come back today after this. I don't follow the team real closely, but I was surprised the last reliver was left in after surrendering the 1st homerun and we were still ahead.  The coach must have thought he gave us the best chance of the choices he had.  Today could be interesting.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Baseball
« on: May 01, 2021, 01:15:45 PM »
Coach Bertolini has done a great job at attracting, developing, and retaining baseball talent.  The results show great progress. A win yesterday, 1 - 0, vs UIC which is a traditional power in baseball. It is our first win in Chicago in over 5 years.  Also last I looked, we were the only league team to beat Wright State, 3 of 8 games this year. Some good pitching, defense and a bit of offense.  The lower end of our pitching staff needs improvement, but our top guys are very good at our level. Double header today in Chicago and the games are on line at ESPN3 or ESPN+. I have been to a few games at Eastwood this year and the attendance is up from prior years in my opinion. Some more home series in the coming weeks which should have better weather and hopefully better crowds. Baseball is sure improved with the new coach.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Other Sports
« on: April 28, 2021, 01:34:14 PM »
I agree with the previous post about soccer.  It has been weak for a long time with multiple coaches. I am sure we are not paying the coaches well and supplying much recruiting resources.  But other sports are doing much better at probably similar support.  And the facilities are great compared to baseball at 30 minutes from campus at a nice venue, but still 30 minutes from campus for games or practice. Not ideal. We need someone who will be effective in coaching and more importantly recruiting in soccer.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Other Sports
« on: April 26, 2021, 10:45:13 AM »
Not much on here about the minor sports at YSU, some of which are doing from respectable to very good.  I follow baseball, softball, track, bowling, and golf mostly.  In the past many time these sports were at the bottom of the standings year after year.  Now it seems only volleyball is on hard times.   Bowling just competed in the final four of D1 bowling. Softball is in first place and on the verge of hosting the league championship tournament. Baseball is in 3rd place and is the only team to beat first place Wright State, 3 times in 8 games against them.  Top 4 teams make the tournament. Track and field are perennial champs in that area with Brian Gorby doing an outstanding job for many years.  Women's golf is very competitive and Men's golf is respectable.  They are currently in the league tournament and the women's team is in 1st place. So overall I think the minor sports are competitive and not an embarra$$ment like many years in the past. Of all the bashing on this site of Ron Strollo and his management, I think he has done a great job in all sports given the limited recourses we have compared to the competition. In all cases our competition does not sponsor football at the FCS full scholarship level and in most cases are in markets much larger than ours and many more business that are successful and can donate to college sports teams and facilities. Think about raising money for an update of our basketball facilities in Youngstown compared to Cleveland, Detroit, Dayton, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, or Chicago. That is what we are up against. We need to be good to accomplish what we have in that environment.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Season over
« on: April 18, 2021, 10:25:24 AM »
Really don't understand cancelling this last game.  Give those that don't play a chance to show they can or can not play at this level.  The real reason may be $ and not decided by DP.  Who knows. I would sure like to see the QBs that never played and others.  Yes it may be a big loss, but the season is over anyway. May never find our the real reason. DP last week keep talking negatively about the teams that quit the season and this week he joins them!

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: MSU game day
« on: April 10, 2021, 07:08:09 PM »
We can't just run the ball to number 8! Everyone knows what is coming and then in pa$$ing situations they know that also.  We either have no faith in the pa$$ game or the coordinator is very poor. We are so predicable. Probably need some O line help and qb who can throw the ball to keep the defense honest. We never seem to have an open receiver no matter what.  And the O line protection is much worse than our opposition O line pa$$ protection. Need major upgrades before fall. It was done at Missouri State since last year, maybe we can too.

Unfortunately we lost to Mckendra today.  Watched some of the matches and Mckendra is really good so we lost to the better team in my opinion.

I agree 100%.  I have watched some of the matches on the net and they are good bowlers.  I bowled for many years in top leagues in the area and these girls are better than the vast majority of men bowlers.  You can argue all day long on whether bowling or golf are sports or not, but having played baseball, football, basketball and bowling and golf, I sure know that bowling or golf take a whole lot of athletic ability to be as good as these girls are. They represent YSU and are doing very well.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: WIU Game
« on: April 06, 2021, 08:38:20 AM »
Another thought is that I think Western Illinois is in serious financial trouble. Their last 2 games being canceled are road game which in this conference can be very expensive.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: WIU Game
« on: April 06, 2021, 08:15:47 AM »
I just saw that Western Illinois has canceled the remainder of their football season due to a lack of players at some positions. And after they beat us!

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