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Can we put basket ball in its own thread please?

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Someone posts "Recruiting targets" as a subject and I thought is was for the only sport that matters.  It would be nice to categorize football, and then all other sports.

+1 ^^ ;)

IAA Fan:
It is a good idea power. What I did was put message icons for all of the sports so that people could chose the sport. However, most people do not use them, so the Block-Y  shows up as the default. The majority of people do not like to move between boards. Right now we have YSU and non-YSU sports threads. Having Football, other YSU Sports, and Non-YSU sports is not too bad. Let's do a poll.

IAA Fan:
I voted to keep only one topic, and we can try to find a way to get people to use the message icon to tell us which sport the thread is about. The reason I voted this way is because many sports have great stories, that people may not read ...and I try to give all sports their attention. today for example. Golf won their first tournament in over 10-years. The message icon is right below the subject line

This poll is a joke. A knee-jerk reaction to beating Pitt. I personally would rather hear about basketball recruiting targets than football ones. Half of the football roster are transfers and jucos anyway that aren't even mentioned when recruiting threads are posted. There weren't many football posts until we beat Pitt now all of a sudden the bandwagon is full. You should be a fan of all YSU sports. Keep as one.


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