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To Register for Our Forum:

1.   From the main page, click on the word “Register” …


2.   This will take you to the registration page …


3.   Type in a username of your choice (ie: guinsrule, megafan). This will be the name seen by other members on the forum.
4.   Enter a valid email address. This is the address is where you will be sent a required confirmation screen; so please do not enter a fictitious email. If you are worried, simply check the box to ‘hide your email address’. We do not spam here at ysupenguins.com. We do occasionally send our important messages, and you can choose not to receive those. We will also have a newsletter that you will have the option to receive, or not, in the near future. More details on this to follow.
5.   Enter a password. The password should be more than four (4) characters, and contain at least one (1) number and one (1) letter.
6.   Re-enter the password for verification purposes.
7.   Under the “Visual Verification” box, type in the letters shown in the box just above. If you cannot read the letters/numbers, click on “Request another image” to see a different set of letters. If you still cannot read them, click on “Listen to letters” and the system will speak the letters for you. (you must have a sound card and speakers for this to work).
8.   Read the disclaimer.


9.   After you read the disclaimer, place check in the box next to “I Agree” and click on the ‘Register’ button.
10.   Within a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email with the subject line of “Welcome to ysupenguins.com forum”. If you don't receive an email after some time, check your spam folder. The email will be from webmaster@ysupenguins.com, and will look similar to the following:

You are now registered with an account at ysupenguins.com forum, Example User!

Your account's username is Example User and its password is password1 (which can be changed later.)

Before you can login, you first need to activate your account. To do so, please follow this link:


Should you have any problems with activation, please use the code "yourcodewillbehere".

The ysupenguins.com forum Team.

11.   Click on the link within the email to activate your account. You will be taken to the ysupenguins.com forum to login in as a new member …


12.   Enter your Username and Password. That is it!! Thanks for joining an we hope you enjoy the board. GO GUINS!!!

The help section is updated; to view it, click on the HELP link inside the board, or CLICK HERE

The new board uses the same ID's and passwords as the old.

If you do not remember your password, simply click on the "Login" button (or word LOGIN) and then click on 'forgot password'. After you enter your username or email address it will email you a link to set your password to what ever you want and log you back in.

The help section is updated; to view it, click on the HELP link inside the board, or CLICK HERE

Email me at forum@ysupenguins.com for any help.


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