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IAA Fan:
I keep going back and forth on the aspects of VanGorder vs. Mays.

-VG has a little quicker release, but not much. Additionally I think they both are about the same in knowing when to dump it.

-Mays has more power on the short passes, but we do not seem to have a receiving RB this year (something I really miss) so it may not matter. While VG has better touch on medium passes. Long passes I would call a draw.

-They are two different types of runners, with Mays better off-line for yards and VG better at getting open to throw.

-Mays seems to read the field slightly better, but neither is up to par.

-As to leadership, I have to think that we do not fall apart so easily under Mays ...simply because of experience.

So it is still a draw and I would like to see how Mays performs. Any other thoughts?

The YO Show:
I agree with alot of your points...

But I will say I think van gorder has a better long ball. He just needs to get better at timing his receivers.

Also van gorder is smarter about getting rid of the ball when there is no play.

VanGorder is better. And he's had 2 career starts.

Mays cannot read the field and has a weak arm.

what i like about Van gorder is he dose not just take off and run.  look at the TD against WV.  Kept play alive with legs but kept looking downfield 

go guins:
1AA sometime we should get together and watch the same team! 
Mays has had a couple years starting and VanGoder 2 starts, yet you give a pass to Mays on falling apart due to experience? 
Mays is a far inferior passer. Doesn't have touch, doesn't have accuracy, can't spot secondary receivers, looks to run after a second (literally 1 second) in the pocket, and consistantly gets hurt when he does.
We don't know what we have in Montgomery, but he scored 17 in WVU and that keeps his starting job in my book.
I don't see what you see in Mays, and never did.  If VanGorder goes down, my bet in on Joe Craycraft stepping in, not Mays.


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