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Waited to he last minute but just ordered my 4.

IAA Fan:
We always get 4 tickets (a couple come with the Penguin Club membership), tailgate spot and the Penguin Club comes due at this same time

Had to move to the west side of the stadium for this year, the east side will be closed for construction.

East side probably not needed this year. Interest in team seems to be low. So-so season last year, early spring practice with no spring game has had negative effect.  And with the first 2 home games being garbage games at 2PM don't expect a lot of people.

IAA Fan:
I would not read too much into things. This is a season following a non-post-season year, but that is very common. THe 2p start time on the opener does bother me, as it is a noon start in Columbus. However, we need to realize two things that never seem to come up ion our conversations:

1. Some pregame activities (especially any type of fly-over) cannot occur at night.
2. The start times are probably more for the opposition. This means they only need to stay over one night (which saves YSU money) and the opposing players will not have to make a long bus trip the same day prior to the game. Additionally, their drive home will still be in the daylight, which is also important.


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