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Donel Cathcart has committed. Played 2 years at Niagra CC. 6-5 wing. Averaged 21 and 9 this year. Adds him to guards Quisenberry, Taylor and another wing in Simmons. Pretty nice class with one more possible addition coming.

21 ppg  8.5 rb
45% fg  81 % ft  37% 3pt fg

Smokey video highlights showed he has deep range and based on the attendance at his games he'll love YSU ;D ;D


Actually finished top 5 in attendance in the conference. Only up from here.

go guins:

--- Quote from: ytownchief22 on March 17, 2018, 10:26:08 PM ---Actually finished top 5 in attendance in the conference. Only up from here.

--- End quote ---
Top 5 in the Horizon?  Frankly that is a more damning statement against the Horizon than a plus for YSU.
We went down for the women's bb game against Binghamton.  Played great first half, got enamored with 3's in the second half, they made theirs, we missed ours, end of story. 
But in addition to the game, I sent about 15 minutes walking around Beeghly looking with "fresh" eyes.  Beeghly is not a dump.  It does need several upgrades, and some of the construction details would be hard to explain today, but it is not a "dump." 

seniors :(3)  Devin Haygood, Tyree Robinson,Noe Anibar.
Juniors :(4) Jeremiah Ferguson,Braun Hartfield,Donel Cathcart,Devin Morgan.
Sophomores:(4) Jacob Brown,Naz Bohannon,Garrett Covington,Michael Akuchie.  (Brown may have redshirted ?)
Freshmen : (3)  Atiba Taylor, Darius Quisenberry,Jelani Simmons.

2018-19 season shows 14 scholarships and I thought 13 was the limit.  Also Francisco Santiago if given another year would put YSU at 15.

Not sure how we add a big to this class which in my opinion is a major issue.


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