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Stambaugh Incident


This is probably the wrong forum, feel free to move it 1AA.

I hope she is wrong, but my daughter is on campus and has heard that someone committed suicide by jumping off the stadium about 2 hours ago.

Terrible news I hope this proves false.

Edit - Nope its confirmed. They aren't calling it an accident or suicide at this point. Awful.

Karl Hungus:

Tragic but this needs moved. Nothing to do with sports.

Double ET:

--- Quote from: Karl Hungus on September 22, 2017, 02:20:08 PM ---Damn

--- End quote ---
Just got an internal email from YSU announcing that the person was not a YSU student or employee.

IAA Fan:
Yes I agree Chief. I will leave it until tomorrow, then move to Non-Sports.


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