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Amazon Looking for Place to Put HQ 2


The YO Show:
So Amazon is looking for suggestions as to where to put HQ #2. Would employ 50K people. Alot of high paying tech jobs (software / engineering) but also alot of high paying good non-tech jobs too. I have personally been rallying my friends to tweet at Amazon. Thought I would see if any of you fine folk would try to assist in this grassroots campaign to make an impassioned plea to get a giant job influx in the area. If you want to help please tweet @Amazon and give your reasons (in twitter's 140 characters or less) as to why Amazon should choose @CityofYou (City of Youngstown Twitter Handle)!

Things that have been mentioned so far: Excellent cost of living in the area so that employees are actually receiving more of the wage, access to Akron, Cleveland and Pittsburgh Metro areas in one swoop by choosing Youngstown, nearby university's centered on tech, additive manufacturing opportunities for the Amazon Basics product line (engineered and produced directly by Amazon)

I would hope that YSU and the incubator would be a big plus.

The YO Show:
Really hoping it comes to Ytown but I know its probably a longshot. Again, help tweet at Amazon. For real, it could make a difference who knows?

go guins:

--- Quote from: guinpen on September 07, 2017, 08:03:29 PM ---I would hope that YSU and the incubator would be a big plus.

--- End quote ---
As would our backlog of 50,000 techies looking for work! 
Ya gotta love bloggers!


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