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Time for Monty and 1AA to go?

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For many many years we've had the same issue with Monty, once his game plan is figured out its game over for the offense, they cant score and he's just one of the worst coaches in the world with in game adjustments.  and its not just the players at this point, he's had many recruiting classes worth of players to fix this, at this point in his tenure its just horrible coaching and scheming.  youre players adapt to the coaching staff, and monty is as weak as they come once a team as figured him out.

With that being said, for years and years 1AA has attacked and unreasonably told others to stop blaming Monty and blame the players, going as far as saying they quit on him and dont follow the game plan or dont play hard enough, its not only that, but he will not let a single person have a negative opinion on monty without threatening a ban or to close a thread

thats the whole purpose of a forum, to have different opinions and too vent. If thats not allowed then why have a forum or why let one person ruin the forum and force you to talk about only the things they want to hear?

I think its time we got some fresh blood at OC, and on the admin front unless both attitudes are changed in terms of coaching and moderating.

Penguin Nation:
Monty, Strollo, and Slocum are here for as long as they wish to be at NAU (No Accountability U...unless you are a player).  I don't even comment on MBB threads anymore...if you want to suck...then suck...I'm not wasting my time with them.

My understanding is 1AA owns this forum.  His house, his rules.  There was a website, Let' , that I really liked, but it died due to low volumes.....more of a function of the lack of interest that the Strollo era created more than the site itself.

IAA Fan:

--- Quote from: Penguin Nation on January 08, 2017, 09:17:55 AM --- I don't even comment on MBB threads anymore...if you want to suck...then suck...I'm not wasting my time with them.

--- End quote ---

I will believe it when I see it; or shall I say DO NOT see it.

Well 1990 the good news is that 1AA has obviously read your post and it is still here. People can dis-agree, that is fine, people get banned when they go overboard. Simple as that.

Nation, you are right it is his forum I do not pretend to know what happened to the other forum but suspect the cost and work involved to maintain it were a factor.

Well may it's time for another forum.  I'll look into making one.


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