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Penguin Nation:
TBH, the Libertarian Party fielded much better candidates than it's eventual nominee, Governor Gary Johnson.  He's not smooth, he's a not a "pure" Libertarian, and in fact was a Republican until 2012.  He is, however, the only sane choice on the presidential menu.  I respect Jill Stein (G), who like Gary, is anti-war, but unlike Gary, will not be on the ballot in all 50 states.  Voting for yet another D or R only legitimizes their policies of perpetual war, fiscal suicide, domestic spying, and growing government dependence.

The LP ticket has two two-term governors.  Neither of the corporate-owned (D or R) parties come close to that level of executive experience. In polling, Johnson leads all other candidates amongst active military personal as well as voters 18-24 years old.  The Commission on Presidential Debates has instructed each of the four debate sites to provide three podiums...just in case.

Give him a look:

This, IMO, is the best campaign video ever made.  It was for the John McAfee (yes that John McAfee) campaign, but its so awesome and so Libertarian.,d.eWE


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