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Browns qb?

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See some chatter about Carson Wentz being possible option for the Browns. Any thoughts?

Guinpen I have been a Browns fan my entire life. This would make me very happy if they decided to draft him

I guess Carson is really impressing scouts at the senior bowl practice this week. Many draft experts say he will be a top 10 pick. So if the Browns want him they might just have to do it at 2 or be willing to give up the 32 pick and a future 1st rounder

go guins:
We do know a couple things here.  #1 Carson Wentz is a lot better than the YSU secondary.  #2 Browns are desperate for QB  #3 Paxton Lynch has an arm about twice as strong as mine and will never be a NFL QB

Looks like Goff from Cal or Wentz behind new Brown's center, whoever that is.   It would be nice to have MVFC connection with Brownies.

I have seen 6'4" to 6'6" and 235 to 240 and like that.

I would like to give him a try


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