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YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Frat Party Gone Awry
« on: February 25, 2016, 01:21:49 PM »
Wow. Good call, go. I never saw this coming !!  ;D

« on: February 25, 2016, 01:17:45 PM »
ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!

I projected the FB to have a winning record pre-season last year , winning  with 7-4 and a chance at 8-3 with everything coming back, big time transfers coming in  and addition of Jucos.  I was wrong.  Even with an average coach that Bo is, I figured the TEAM could overcome him and win.  Mid -season , it was obvious that I way over estimated his coaching "brilliance" and revised my out look to a 5-6 record. That one proved to be correct.

And now , back to the comedy that is YSU.

« on: February 23, 2016, 01:45:38 PM »
As I projected pre-season, YSU  posts  another 20+ game losing season.  Another fine Strollo "accomplishment".  ;D 

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Recruting
« on: February 23, 2016, 01:42:56 PM »
Correct Fever.  It could be a Juco or a transfer. And , I expect the same next year .... they will go after another Juco or transfer at QB. If Hosick is injured   or doesn't work out, they are in a deep hole. They would be smart trying to plug the hole over the next two years.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Recruting
« on: February 22, 2016, 02:21:08 PM »
For what its worth, ysugo. while I no longer come to games, I do on occasion attend a practice here or there and do watch the games on TV, both home & away, most of the time.  I've seen enough of Wells for 2 years to be firm in my analysis. I have seen enough of the others to make the same projection. Hosick I'm limited to on film as of now.

My expectation is they will recruit another Juco QB.................. soon.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Recruting
« on: February 19, 2016, 02:44:20 PM »
Agree , PN. But I'll wait until the pre-season Fall camp to project. It was easy to project losing seasons  with Heacock because     his early classes were so bad and lacked meaningful transfers and Jucos, but currently they are pulling in transfers and recruiting a number of Jucos. That can only tilt the program  for a very limited time ( one season). But a losing season again looks like a possibility I grant  you.

BTW, we were badly outrecruited again by most of the MVFC teams.

So at QB -- Hosick 1st team, Wells 2nd team, Davis 3rd team. Would not be surprised if they try to lure in a D-I transfer either  before camp starts.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Recruting
« on: February 19, 2016, 01:47:50 PM »
If by "judge" you mean Montgomery , you are correct. He is a coach that has set up a "system", no matter the skills of his QBs or their ability to run it.  That is why the "system" is now failing and why I projected that  Wells would never be a 4 year starter when he started as a Frosh-- lacks  necessary skills for the system and has no running ability to add another dimension.

Recruitng  Hosick reveals a tacit admission that they DON'T have a QB for the system and they     are banking on Hosick fitting in  as a crude replacement . They have the early games to experiment with the QBs and give some  playing time to the Top 2 or 3, hoping that the gamble will pay off. Wells, only because he was the  starter will hold sway unless he is beaten out badly in camp. If he is, then the early games may simply be on the job training, especially against the weenie teams  and they try to find the skills that can be shoehorned into the  "system". FRankly, they have done a poor job of recruiting if they are trying to fit someone into the  "system" instead of building a different system around the players here.

Wells -- limited arm, lacks accuracy, no run skills and puts it up for grabs too often. His first year was a nightmare but opposing players  dropped an astonishing numbers of easy INTs.  Not so his Soph. year and  teams read him as wilting under pressure. They are correct.

Davis -- has much better run skills but they have limited his passing, so that is tough to read.

Garry -- at best , a D-II QB. Senior and offers no future.

Mays -- they won't try to develop  him . Limited skills and again looks like a D-II player. Not good enough to beat any QB on the team . Frosh with a limited upside

Hosick -- depending on WHAT they run, he has some passing AND running skills. However, he is limited  and to  get better production out of the system they employ, Montgomery must tailor the O to fit his skill set. I suspect they will fast track him. They are betting the farm on him. However, there are reasons he was not  grabbed by D-I schools. Translation -- limited abilities.

This however puts them with 1 senior and 3 juniors at QB with a Frosh who isn't going to play here. The next two recruit classes  will have them behind the  8 ball  -- a Frosh is usually  no immediate help  and another Juco  may be the  answer while they look for a Frosh project that might play with some seasoning of a few years  . With two bad recruit classes so far, it will be tough to turn it around.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Football Coaching Staff
« on: February 16, 2016, 03:13:32 PM »
Thanks.... you just made my point. Some one who is fast isn't necessarily a good WRs. Hows his hands ? Moves ?  Film will tell you that. level of competition he  played against ?  What is artful ?  Typical local good old boy "expert" you are .

Guys  are going to block me ? Who... the good old boys who think they have the answers ?   The cheerleaders who contribute to YSU's failures by failing to demand excellence and  coddling losers ?

STOP.... stop I say. I'm breaking out in a cold sweat worrying over that ....................................... NOT !   People who aren't blind and have REAL interest in what goes on here  will continue to read me. My opinion may be of interest to more than you know.  Lots  of people READ here but don't post. Fair minded people are thirsty for info and those who don't blindly follow a good old boys club will read.

But keep spreading the BS. People laugh at the humor .  The "self importance" of the feeble minded and their closed minds bothers me not.   The world values different opinions. So do the readers of this board. Grow up.

« on: February 16, 2016, 01:55:00 PM »
I think you can have a decent men's basketball program here. But Wick posed a question --

Rosselli -- ran a D-II program and for that the Youngstown area has some talent. The problem comes when you play D-I BB and need to recruit elsewhere. Its then that you face the MAC which is far more popular with Ohio kids and are forced to recruit the leftovers elsewhere.

Tressel was a once in a lifetime combination of being a  good coach and being lucky. Some would also say cheat a little too. Great recruiter. But, he was as  good a FB coach as you will find in the country. Ohio St. now has one that is better.

Eddie D -- good coach with limited  coaching abilities  who coached in weak  leagues but had an area( Ytown Metro) that was pretty good for women's players. Strong players in a weak league racked up the wins.

McFarland is another example of the "local good old boy "club. Nothing special about him.  But the area nepotism rears its ugly head again.  Everyone thinks this area is the greatest ( it isn't) and the answer to all problems is to hire a local boy ( who promptly gets beat like a drum). Open it up. See what you can attract. Fund the program. Guys on the way up with head coaching success will be interested.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Football Coaching Staff
« on: February 16, 2016, 01:28:38 PM »
Oh......... didn't know that. Art ?  I guess UNI was artful all those years of winning MVFC titles and NDSU just became "artful" winning national titles ?

The reality is , it IS A SCIENCE. Measurables,  times, film, disecting techniques ( if they have them), grades and test scores. Sure sounds like "art" ?

I think not.

Ohio St. isn't "artful". Neither is NDSU or UNI. Maybe YSU needs a refresher course.  ;D

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Frat Party Gone Awry
« on: February 12, 2016, 02:03:48 PM »
This sounds like Nebraska.  ;D

I spent over 2 decades buying Penguin Club seats for FB and often attended home YSU BB games almost as long. Thats alot of time and expense if I WASN'T a fan. I could have done other things and spent my $$$ elsewhere. In fact for   years , I read  this board and NEVER registered  or posted. Watched as HLecter "butchered" people on here. Laughed at the ridiculous comments posted and the dumb arguments made.  Rolled on the flooring laughing at the stupid  "analysis" made on the FB program................ and finally when I could take no more, came on and told  you the straight of what was going on and what was going to happen.  Some clowns here then made fun of me......................... until my predictions couldn't be laughed at because they had come true.  Suddenly , you said I wasn't a fan. Still , I continued  to buy Penguin Club seats for FB and attend  some BB games. But it became VERY OBVIOUS that the owner of this board and many of his cronies in the cheerleader seats  had an obvious love affair with a poor HC, no matter how long he lost and how poor a recruiter  he was. Then, the same gang demonstrated their love affair with an incompetent AD who single handedly destroyed men's  BB and almost did the same for women's BB. He should have long ago been fired and much of the underperforming athletic dept.  But you see, there  is a GOOD OLD BOY CLUB  here . Defend incompetent Heacock . Defend incompetent Strollo. Defend incompetent athletic dept.  Attack Paladin for pointing out some truth and major sins around this place. While I post here still, I stopped buying Pengu9in Club seats for FB two seasons ago and  this is the 3rd season I stopped coming to BB.  You see, I'm a reflection of attendance here as people quit coming to see incompetence  instead of excellence. Now in my circles, we still talk about the good old days  when winning was the normal, BB too. You would be amazed after you get off this good old boy board and hear what the locals ACTUALLY  say about the coaches and players. Even here, you can read about calls for recruiting more Ytown area players  ( a receipe for disaster) to get some local D-II athletes  some D-I schollies or part schollies so they came live at home  yet have the no expense of going to school. Help and undeserving kid and screw  YSU. Lots of folks know the game and how its played. So everytime I read where I'm not a fan, I   laugh and read the good old boys who claim  to be   fans while  cheerleading incompetence    and demanding the recruiting of sub- D-I players  from the area who doom the program from winning. Let me put it another way................... lots here really don't care about winning. They only care about not complaining about YSU , keeping controversy from YSU and protecting their  good old boy coach, AD and athletic  dept knuckleheads. The truth be damned .  Just promote  the university and shut up people who point out the problems.

You want  me to "offer" a solution ? Fire  the AD. Fire the athletic dept. Keep the coach until his contract runs out. No extensions. Strollo has had enough years to screw it up. The athletic dept has had enough years to screw it up. Give Bo his contract to win big and make the playoffs. Then fire him if he doesn't.

Stop with the good old boys club. Attendance won't be back until this place looks "clean  " . Oh, and nothing wrong with opinions. Did you ever stop to think YOU are wrong ?  And are only trying to suppress the truth that others know and understand ?

And  now, back to the comedy.

Well said, Nation.  But the title here is "MYTHS and REALITIES".  Heacock was a really bad HC who didn't like recruiting. Wolf damn near recruited his first class single handedly as his staff had not been hired yet. And Wolf ran off most of Heacock's poor players and played his young boys while advancing in record year after year. But not making the playoffs, the idiot AD  let him go when he should have kept him as the MVFC was getting tougher and tougher. Beating a D -I team ( and not a MAC team) and being competitive with them was overlooked.  Heacock got blown off the field against D-I teams and was never competitive. The MVFC has been the BEST league in FCS for at least 5-6 years, while the MVFC had one good team during Heacock's tenure.  When Heacock was falling off in annual record , he should have been fired not extended. When Wolf was improving each year with winning records and beating a D-I  team and being competitive with them, he should have been extended.  But the incompetent AD showed his intelligence level, as he has done with men's BB and women's BB.

And lets be fair -- JT had great teams, won 4 national titles. And another at Ohio St. Yet YSU will ( maybe forever) be doomed as long as the memory of cheating here ( and at Ohio St.) is remembered.  YSU has been eligible several times only to have BS reasons used to keep them out. Read other boards.  Many believe the YSU titles are tainted with cheating. YSU will have to go over and above to get into the playoffs again. That was against Wolf and will be against future coaches here as well.

Back to the SPE (?). Paladin  predicted the outright MVFC championship & the playoffs under Heacock. Was that negative ?  No, but it was forgotten. I predicted the first  Heacock losing season and was called crazy. Yet it got quiet here when I was proved right. Was I negative ?  No, just accurate. I predicted the second losing season and again was called crazy. Presto !  Again I was right and most here looked like fools as the talent level was exposed. Yet I was called negative for being right. I called most of Wolf's years correct as well and missed only in projecting the playoffs ( they were eligible record wise).  Yet, somehow I'm always negative.

Heres the best part................... while most here show no knowledge of talent evaluation and ALWAYS project good things, I'm on the record again  ............... Bo's first two classes are stinkers.  Everyone     will get to see if Paladin is TRUTHFUL AND CORRECT. Or if he is negative and wrong.

Meanwhile, please continue to hype it up. Please tell us how great Bo is as a coach and a recruiter.

And pass the popcorn. The  party is getting started.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Recruting
« on: February 09, 2016, 01:29:17 PM »
Hugs &  kisses

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: 2016 Recruting
« on: February 08, 2016, 03:54:54 PM »
Thanks for avoiding the obvious in refusing to note my comments about good teams and great  recruiting as I projected here. The cheerleaders here are scum. You are not interested in having great teams again. Just keep saying nice things about YSU no matter how bad the A.D., coach and athletic dept are. Just to hear nice things while it gets sh!t on record wise. Plant your head in the ground.  Pelini ?  LOL.  Took a loaded team I projected to win at least 7 games and make the playoffs and  had two  big transfers from Neb. he brought.  I had to eat crow after he proved how poor a coach he is and revise my projection before  the halfway point of the season to a 5-6 projection. Result ? 5-6 record. No playoffs.  Two straight terrible recruiting classes. I rank this class EIGHT in the  10 team MVFC recruiting derby. Last year was barely better.  And you expect "great" things to come with Bo ?

Good luck.

My good predictions will flow just as my bad  predictions will flow.  Thanks for proving my point.

And now, back to your pom-poms .

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