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YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Baseball and Softball
« on: March 13, 2019, 05:17:18 PM »
I am a realist.  Itís a known fact that we run a tight budget other than football.  If you look dollar for dollar at some of our sports itís puts us behind the eight ball on the field. I agree you must find a away to win and be competitive. Yea we might get lucky on a down year and get into whatever ncaa Tournament but letís be honest here. Itís never happened in menís BB.  I think the guys baseball made it once or twice since we have been D1.  Girls softball I donít recall and I think womenís tennis did once.  Girls BB has done it what 3 times I think or is it more.  Not much to show for the past 30 years.  But probably about right for what we allocate for those sports. Yes we did have a few qualified in track I didnít forget.

Interesting information, has been looking at all the public schools.  It looks like Students subsidies equal -about 70% of revenue.  I havenít seen where the other schools are at.  I think we are better than some of the MAC schools.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Baseball and Softball
« on: March 12, 2019, 06:23:19 PM »
Go guins thanks for that nice compliment. Your comment brought nothing to the topic.  But this has nothing do with the Indians and free agents. You must be confused.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Baseball and Softball
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:06:28 AM »
We lose in baseball and softball due to what we spend period.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Women's BB
« on: March 11, 2019, 06:30:37 PM »
I had the game on at work and I felt we got outcoached.  We got the lead and threw up shots with tons of time to run a play. We were in position to get the last shot but we didnt get it.  Was that the best person to shoot that? I havenít watched enough to know.  Yes Cash missed an easy left handed layup that could have changed the outcome.  I donít know if itís a choke job but we had our chances.

I checked Kent st wrestling and they had a dual meet with Wisconsin and Iowa and only had 1100 people attend.  The other events they hosted had no announced figures and the schools were not as notorious.  So I donít see what you are seeing at the collegiate level.  I think we need to trust the Athletic department on this one.

There are only 80 schools in Division 1 that have Wrestling programs in the NCAA. Ohio St, Kent St, Cleveland St, and Ohio University are the only D1 colleges in Ohio.  Ohio and Pennsylvania are ranked in the top 4 for HS wrestling.  From what I can find wrestling programs have 9-10 full rides that are split up between 26-35 kids per a team. 

Lacrosse was a smart move itís a legitimate growing sport.  As for why we added it Due to government or NCAA requirements are not true.  Arenít we already at the mandated requirements? I think adding a sport is a good thing.

Lacrosse has over 200 teams in Ohio and it is growing as a sport.  So I can see why we added it.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: The Steel Tire
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:13:19 PM »
Finally!  Tressel used Akron as the signature game and used it to get us to the next level.  Can Pelini do the same?

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Carmon Bricillo and Justus Reed
« on: February 13, 2019, 10:39:34 AM »
I just laugh how some of us diehards live in the 90!s still.  I GET COACHES leave all the time.  But itís not like we are Alabama or the Bison and can get a top flight replacement this late in the game.  We pay peanuts and it looks like to me Pelini isnít a guy that a up and coming coach wants to work for.   

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Carmon Bricillo and Justus Reed
« on: February 12, 2019, 04:57:07 PM »
I could careless that he left.  I am happy for him.  But we are starting Spring practice and are we going to have a credible offensive line coach?.  Having a coach at any level of college football leaving right before Spring practice isnít ideal.  Our offense is a BIG question mark especially with him retaining Crist and know we might get a Delisio type hire at For the line coach.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Carmon Bricillo and Justus Reed
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:55:49 AM »
Yea the timing says everything I think that is wrong with our program. 

YSU Penguin Athletics / Carmon Bricillo and Justus Reed
« on: February 12, 2019, 08:06:40 AM »
Carmen Bricillo joining NFLís New England Patriots

By Brian Dzenis

The New England Patriots have added another piece from Youngstown State.

Penguins offensive line coach Carmen Bricillo is heading to the NFL as an assistant offensive line coach, multiple sources familiar with the matter said. He had been with YSU for the past nine seasons.

He joins former Penguin players Derek Rivers and Damoun Patterson in New England. The Mahoning Valley connections with the Patriots donít end there as Cardinal Mooney and Ohio State graduate John Simon suited up for the Patriots as they won their sixth Super Bowl on Feb. 3, beating the Los Angeles Rams, 13-3. Simon is set to become a free agent in March.

Patriots head coach Bill Belicheckís father, Steve, grew up in Struthers.

YSU athletic director Ron Strollo said he could neither confirm nor deny that Bricillo had left for the NFL. Head coach Bo Pelini did not return a call for comment on the matter. In his National Signing Day press conference on Wednesday, he was asked if he had spoken with Rivers and Patterson following the Super Bowl. Pelini said no, but said he took a phone call from Belicheck Wednesday morning, but did not provide specifics on what the call was about. The Patriots did not respond to requests for comment.

Bricillo joined the Penguins as part of former head coach Eric Wolfordís staff in 2010. He spent one season with Illinois and three with Akron before coming to Youngstown. During his tenure, YSU passed for at least 2,000 yards each season and cleared 2,000 yards rushing in all but one year. In 2018, guard Gavin Wiggins was a first-team All-Missouri Valley Football Conference selection with center Vitas Hrynkiewicz taking second-team honors. Running back Tevin McCaster ran for a career-high 1,235 yards.


Defensive end Justus Reed is receiving a sixth year of eligibility via a medical redshirt, the team confirmed Monday afternoon.

Reed tore his Achillesí tendon last July, weeks before fall camp was set to start and missed the entire season. He transferred to YSU from Florida after spending three years with the Gators, including one redshirt year. He appeared in seven games for the Penguins in 2017, collecting 15 tackles, including five sacks. He was limited by an arm injury that year.

Reed is the second player in program history to get a sixth year. Former wideout Jelani Berassa was with the Penguins from 2009 through 2014, collecting two medical redshirts from knee injuries he suffered during fall camp in 2010 and 2012.

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YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Football Recruiting
« on: January 23, 2019, 10:51:30 PM »

Looks like we offered Devin Sams to be a preferred walk on.

6í3Ē 215 DE, LB  New Castle, PA

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