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YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Valpo Game Thread
« on: September 03, 2023, 12:08:46 PM »
1AA, I'm simply saying playoffs or bust because of our facilities and favorable conference schedule.  The coach is in his 4th year and should make the playoffs based on the many positives that u outlined in your response.   All u did is confirm there aren't any excuses.  I think Phillips has done an admiral job considering the challenges that exist at YSU.  Its clear YSU needed a cheap, clean coach that wanted to be here and was somehow connected to the program.

Sorry, I must’ve misunderstood. I completely agree with you. That’s one of the reasons I like to see some of the assistants. We may have somebody there.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: Western Illinois
« on: September 29, 2021, 05:20:23 PM »
It is just clear to me that Phillips is going the route of changing the team immediately and letting them struggle and eventually work into the system. Which is fine if you have 3-4 years to wait. Wolford tried it and he just never made it in time to keep his job. (although he handicapped himself with a lousy DC initially) Maybe I am just impatient and/or want a coach we cannot afford. Both of these are probably true to a degree.

I think that Wolford was a decent recruiter and agree that his DC was a big handicap.  No one wants to wait 2-4 years to be great team, maybe DP is the guy maybe he is not, it is a killer to wait years to find out.

I just cannot understand why money is always an issue at YSU and not at other schools in our league, do we fund differently? Would a second money game make the difference?

I think the money issue is everywhere Guinpen. Think about it. Coach H was paid as high as $199k (I think just under. He was popular, so he was a part of several ad campaigns that gave a bit extra...but not much. (Leave in 2009). Now come Coach W with a salary in the low-to-mid $200k range. (Leaves in 2015) Then comes a big money coach in coach P. Now he did not need the money, but I think he had about $300k+ when they renewed. He left last year. Now BO was almost $1mil (with more than that is perks) when he was at Nebraska. Now had he been looking for his best opportunity, he would not have been here and CERTAINLY would not have taken such a small amount. He got 1mil as an OC after he left YSU. So you see where the talent value spread lies. A good coach can demand top dollars. We have to find someone that can do the job on the low end of that scale.

So we have to take a high-end guy with problems, or a low-end guy with no/little experience and potential

Guys/Gals, I removed 3 posts related to race; let's stick to YSU football. Ruiz is a Penguin and everyone has a right to comment on his actions.

This is a thread about the upcoming game ...the biggest of the season.

1. Stick to the topic or start your own thread.
2. DO NOT attack other posters ...this is not high school.
3. If you want to go to the non-sports section of the board and discuss local reporting ...feel free. That is the only place it belongs on this board. IN addition, note the the "Penguin Insider" is not news is blog. Scalzo can say what he wants and it is not news. Yes I live in Buckeye country and they have the luxury a of several beat writers and bloggers. The dispatch has more money that the Vindy. If you are willing to do the Vindy blog ...then send them a resume, along with your portfolio.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Re: MSU In-Game Thread!
« on: January 04, 2014, 09:33:37 AM »
Would someone please explain why a forum for YSU sports has become a sounding board for insults to each other?  What purpose does any of this accomplish and how does it benefit YSU or any fan posting or lurking?

If the energy expended destroying each other were put to worthwhile gains, maybe- just maybe, the coaches, AD and administration would feel a need to be accountable.

To misquote POGO: " I have seen the enemy and it is us."

It's really getting old.  There may be as much content attacking fellow posters as there is discussing YSU sports.  If someone makes a wacky prediction, have a little fun with it and then move on.  Some of the obsession with fellow posters is more than pathetic, its pathological.

Yes, I have to put on my admin hat & say this:

JJ, Ray, and Paladin: All of you need to grow up or move on

JJ you cannot take people saying things. I have told you before to ignore them
Paladin: you are just taunting him, that makes you just as bad
Ray: If you have nothign good to say about YSU, then go to another team board.

I have been doing this site since 1989 & a board like this since 1990-91. We are all fans here. We all say good and bad about th team, but we do no insult the school and especially each other. 

So here are the rules:

1. You get a verbal warning (maybe 2)
2. Next offense after that is a 1-week ban.
3. A third time and you get a much longer ban. Could even be permanent.


The Youngstown State baseball team will have 22 home dates and play four teams from BCS conferences during the 2012 season, head coach Rich Pasquale announced on Feb. 2.

The Penguins open their 58th season of baseball on Feb. 17 against Canisius in Cary, N.C. at the USA Baseball Complex. Their Horizon League and Eastwood Field opener is set for March 16, and the Horizon League Tournament will be May 23-27 at UIC.

Additionally, YSU will play its annual game at Cene Park on March 20 against Notre Dame College. BCS opponents on the docket include North Carolina State, Iowa, Pittsburgh and Ohio State.

The Penguins are scheduled to play a school-record-tying 30 games against Horizon League opponents thanks to a new format. League series will last three games and will be spread over three days instead of past seasons where one day would be a doubleheader. YSU will play each team six times - three on the road and three at Eastwood Field.

In addition to Canisius, the Penguins will play Monmouth and Bryant at the USA Baseball Complex and a game at North Carolina State the opening weekend. They'll return to the Tar Heel State a week later for two games each against Long Island and Fairfield in Kannapolis.

A tournament at Austin Peay against the host Governors, Akron and Iowa will open March, and the Penguins will conclude their 15-game road trip to start the season with three games at VMI and a contest at Norfolk State. YSU opens Horizon League play with a three-game series against Milwaukee starting on March 16, and the Guins will play Notre Dame College at Cene Park on March 20. They'll be back on the road for three games at UIC on March 23-25, and they'll play a home-and-home versus Akron on March 27-28.

The Penguins will then have 12 home dates over the next 31 days, starting with a three-game series against Butler on March 30-April 1. A quick trip to Pitt on April 4 and three games at Wright State over the next three days will take the Guins through Easter. They'll have a home-and-home series with Kent State on April 10-11, and they'll welcome Valparaiso to Eastwood Field April 13-15. A game against Ohio on April 17 wraps up a four-game home stand. Youngstown State will play three games at Milwaukee on April 20-22 before returning home for one game against Toledo and a three-game set against UIC to close out the month.

YSU will play Ohio State for the first time since 2002 in Columbus, Ohio, on May 1, and the Guins will play Pittsburgh at home the next day. They'll head back on the road for three games at Butler May 4-6, and YSU will play three home games against Wright State May 11-13. The home finale is set for May 15 at 11 a.m. against Pittsburgh. The regular season will wrap up May 17-19 at Valparaiso.

2012 Youngstown State Baseball Schedule

Date Opponent Notes/Media Result Time/Status Links
Fri 17 vs. Canisius at USA Baseball Complex - Cary, N.C.   1:30 PM  
Sat 18 at North Carolina St.     11:00 AM  
Sat 18 vs. Monmouth at USA Baseball Complex - Cary, N.C.   3:00 PM  
Sun 19 vs. Bryant at USA Baseball Complex - Cary, N.C.   10:00 AM  
Fri 24 vs. Long Island Kannapolis, N.C.   12:00 PM  
Fri 24 vs. Fairfield Kannapolis, N.C.   3:00 PM  
Sun 26 vs. Fairfield Kannapolis, N.C.   11:00 AM  
Sun 26 vs. Long Island Kannapolis, N.C.   2:00 PM  
Fri 2 at Austin Peay Austin Peay/River View Inn Classic   2:30 PM  
Sat 3 vs. Akron Austin Peay/River View Inn Classic   12:00 PM  
Sun 4 vs. Iowa Austin Peay/River View Inn Classic   11:00 AM  
Fri 9 at VMI     5:00 PM  
Sat 10 at VMI     2:00 PM  
Sun 11 at VMI     2:00 PM  
Tue 13 at Norfolk State     1:00 PM  
Fri 16 Milwaukee *     3:00 PM  
Sat 17 Milwaukee *     1:00 PM  
Sun 18 Milwaukee *     12:00 PM  
Tue 20 Notre Dame (Ohio) Cene Park   3:00 PM  
Fri 23 at UIC *     3:05 PM  
Sat 24 at UIC *     3:05 PM  
Sun 25 at UIC *     1:05 PM  
Tue 27 Akron     3:00 PM  
Wed 28 at Akron     3:00 PM  
Fri 30 Butler *     3:00 PM  
Sat 31 Butler *     1:00 PM  
Sun 1 Butler *     12:00 PM  
Wed 4 at Pittsburgh     3:00 PM  
Thu 5 at Wright State *     6:30 PM  
Fri 6 at Wright State *     6:30 PM  
Sat 7 at Wright State *     2:00 PM  
Tue 10 Kent State     3:00 PM  
Wed 11 at Kent State     3:00 PM  
Fri 13 Valparaiso *     3:00 PM  
Sat 14 Valparaiso *     1:00 PM  
Sun 15 Valparaiso *     12:00 PM  
Tue 17 Ohio     3:00 PM  
Fri 20 at Milwaukee *     4:00 PM  
Sat 21 at Milwaukee *     2:00 PM  
Sun 22 at Milwaukee *     1:00 PM  
Tue 24 Toledo     3:00 PM  
Fri 27 UIC *     3:00 PM  
Sat 28 UIC *     1:00 PM  
Sun 29 UIC *     12:00 PM  
Tue 1 at Ohio State     6:35 PM  
Wed 2 Pittsburgh     3:00 PM  
Fri 4 at Butler *     3:00 PM  
Sat 5 at Butler *     1:00 PM  
Sun 6 at Butler *     12:00 PM  
Fri 11 Wright State *     3:00 PM  
Sat 12 Wright State *     1:00 PM  
Sun 13 Wright State *     12:00 PM  
Tue 15 Pittsburgh     11:00 AM  
Thu 17 at Valparaiso *     4:00 PM  
Fri 18 at Valparaiso *     4:00 PM  
Sat 19 at Valparaiso *     2:00 PM  
Wed 23 vs. TBA Horizon League Tournament (at UIC)   TBA  
Thu 24 vs. TBA Horizon League Tournament (at UIC)   TBA  
Fri 25 vs. TBA Horizon League Tournament (at UIC)   TBA  
Sat 26 vs. TBA Horizon League Tournament (at UIC)   TBA  
Sun 27 vs. TBA Horizon League Tournament (at UIC)   TBA  
Home games in bold.
* Horizon League Game

YSU Penguin Athletics / New Board Look
« on: June 26, 2011, 12:07:53 PM »
As you can tell, we are upgrading the board to a more current version. It is the same board, same posts, same ID and passwords, etc. It will take a day or 2 to bring it up to speed. It is still fully-functional so feel free to post.


YSU Penguin Athletics / Existing User Information
« on: February 12, 2009, 10:17:33 AM »
The new board uses the same ID's and passwords as the old.

If you do not remember your password, simply click on the "Login" button (or word LOGIN) and then click on 'forgot password'. After you enter your username or email address it will email you a link to set your password to what ever you want and log you back in.

The help section is updated; to view it, click on the HELP link inside the board, or CLICK HERE

Email me at for any help.

YSU Penguin Athletics / New User Information
« on: February 12, 2009, 10:17:00 AM »
To Register for Our Forum:

1.   From the main page, click on the word “Register” …


2.   This will take you to the registration page …


3.   Type in a username of your choice (ie: guinsrule, megafan). This will be the name seen by other members on the forum.
4.   Enter a valid email address. This is the address is where you will be sent a required confirmation screen; so please do not enter a fictitious email. If you are worried, simply check the box to ‘hide your email address’. We do not spam here at We do occasionally send our important messages, and you can choose not to receive those. We will also have a newsletter that you will have the option to receive, or not, in the near future. More details on this to follow.
5.   Enter a password. The password should be more than four (4) characters, and contain at least one (1) number and one (1) letter.
6.   Re-enter the password for verification purposes.
7.   Under the “Visual Verification” box, type in the letters shown in the box just above. If you cannot read the letters/numbers, click on “Request another image” to see a different set of letters. If you still cannot read them, click on “Listen to letters” and the system will speak the letters for you. (you must have a sound card and speakers for this to work).
8.   Read the disclaimer.


9.   After you read the disclaimer, place check in the box next to “I Agree” and click on the ‘Register’ button.
10.   Within a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email with the subject line of “Welcome to forum”. If you don't receive an email after some time, check your spam folder. The email will be from, and will look similar to the following:

You are now registered with an account at forum, Example User!

Your account's username is Example User and its password is password1 (which can be changed later.)

Before you can login, you first need to activate your account. To do so, please follow this link:;u=638;code=yourcodewillbehere

Should you have any problems with activation, please use the code "yourcodewillbehere".

The forum Team.

11.   Click on the link within the email to activate your account. You will be taken to the forum to login in as a new member …


12.   Enter your Username and Password. That is it!! Thanks for joining an we hope you enjoy the board. GO GUINS!!!

The help section is updated; to view it, click on the HELP link inside the board, or CLICK HERE

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