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YSU Penguin Athletics / Penguins in the USFL
« on: June 20, 2022, 05:55:04 PM »
The USFL playoffs are this Saturday, and YSU alumni/ former player David Rivers III, who now plays for the NJ Generals, play the Philadelphia Stars at 3 pm on FOX. The game will be played in Canton.

The Generals (as they were in the 1980s) are the dominant team in the league.

Rivers' HC is Mike Riley, who was Pelini's replacement at Nebraska. The Generals have multiple MVFC players on its roster.

The USFL has some nice additions to the rulebook including a 3-point conversion, and the option to run a 4th and 12 on your 33 yard line instead of an onside kick.  The 1980s USFL was innovative and the first pro FB league to offer a 2-point conversion. Many teams had exceptional talent including Trump's NJ Generals that had Heisman winners Herchsel Walker and Doug Flutie.

The other Penguin in the USFL, Charles Baldwin, played for the worst team, the Pittsburgh Maulers. The team was originally owned by Youngstown's DeBartolo and the name was inspired by his chain of malls.

The USFL championship will also be in Canton, on July 3rd, and will also be televised on FOX. Likely Rivers will be playing in the championship game as NJ has already defeated the Stars twice this season.

YSU Penguin Athletics / SALUKIS
« on: November 16, 2021, 01:17:35 PM »
YSU finishes their 10 game season at SIU with kickoff set for Saturday at 1 pm.

The Salukis (7-3/5-2) have won the last two meetings vs YSU and a win should result in an at-large playoff invitation. A loss to YSU would be their third loss in four games and with their wins being razor thin (two conference games won by a single point), the selection committee may pass on SIU.

Interestingly the SRS ranks SIU #26 which is much lower than the STATS or Coaches polls. This also suggests a loss for SIU = season over.

In their OOC schedule, SIU lead K-state in Q2 and only lost by 8.

Massey ranks SIU #6 and YSU #30

YSU’s last road win was vs SIU on 11 NOV 2017.

Point spreads currently pending:

SIU has the third best passing offense in the MVFC. YSU has the lowest ranked pass defense.

I could see Mitch keeping this a close slugfest, but likely a respectable loss. My prediction: SIU 38 - 17.

YSU Penguin Athletics / The Feeling of Impending Doom
« on: November 09, 2021, 05:47:55 PM »
The Bison are coming to town on Saturday (kickoff 12 noon), and are favored by 17.5 (low IMHO) with an O/U of 47.5 (also low IMHO).

A very nice write-up that outlines how much the Bison program has at stake in this game:

The Bison have the top rushing D and total D. YSU’s defense ranks last. Coming off the Bison’s only loss this season at SDSU one week ago, I don’t see how NDSU doesn’t come out blazing and this doesn’t get ugly. My suspicion is we’re looking at a similar outcome as the NDSU-ISUb game two weeks ago (44-2) except with a few YSU FGs (YSU lost to ISUb 17-28 earlier this season).

Anyone ever see the Mike Tyson vs Marvis Frazier “fight”?

YSU Penguin Athletics / Mitch Davidson
« on: October 30, 2021, 05:47:13 PM »
Impressive performance. Only one year of eligibility left, I believe. Seems odd for the deepest QB on the roster to play so well (granted vs SDSU’s subs). Should he have been the starter all along? Are there issues with the coaches evaluating athleticism and skill?

YSU Penguin Athletics / RABBITS
« on: October 27, 2021, 02:05:38 PM »
SDSU favored by 17.5

Penguins hope to snap the streak of offensive possessions ending in a pick at 4. Please excuse the spelling errors in the write up by this higher learning institution.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Would you support hiring Urban Meyer as HC?
« on: October 06, 2021, 03:15:17 PM »
I would say a resounding “no,” and I’m definitely not suggesting it is something he’d consider, but just curious what the welcome would be for such a hire.

« on: September 29, 2021, 05:24:34 PM »
 If you need to feel better about YSU FB, you need to look no further than our neighbors in the lowly MAC. I say lowly because that's where Massey Ranks the MAC as a FBS conference...dead last.

Currently, of the 12 MAC programs, two have winning records.

Can't and Akron are both 1-3, with Akron's only win over Bryant. Akron literally buys its own tickets to meet NCAA attendance requirements.

Out of 130 FBS programs, Massey ranks Akron #127 and OU #126.

I don't think I've ever read an article where a sports writer torches a program as badly as in the link below (it is from 2019).

It appears that the MAC FB programs are being keep barely alive by P5 revenue (Akron vs Auburn and TOSU and Can't vs TA&M and MD). If the P5 splits from the NCAA, I don't see how the G5, especially MAC, continues to exist in it's current state once the plug is pulled on its life source.

Meanwhile, the FCS conferences are realigning, and with the exodus out of the OVC, there are rumors that Murray State will join a newly formed East Division of the MVFC with YSU. IF this happens, this means less travel for YSU and a lower SOS (prolly a good thing).

My two long as the MVFC is willing to keep the roadkill YSU program as a member, let's stay there and languish until the MAC's inevitable demise...and then establish an Ohio-centered FCS conference...where we can all suck together...although Strollo will prolly sabotage it if the opportunity arises....because he's grossly incompetent.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Biggest Highlight of the Slocum Era?
« on: February 23, 2017, 09:59:39 AM »
Setting aside for a moment the absurdity of Slocum's contract renewals by our intellectually-challenged AD, fist-fights, player attrition, a barely 0.300 HL winning %, a desperate need for a new HC, and the gross misuse annually of $1.3M budgeted for MBB.....what was the highlight...or least worst moment of the Slocum era?

There were a few signs of life while Kendrick Perry and Damian Eargle were at YSU.  For me the biggest win was the 2011 win over Butler.  I was at that game, and it truly felt like a legit D1 MBB program that night. 

Safe travels Jerry.  PM me if you need a referral to any moving companies.

I missed this game and just read about it on AGS.  Webb and Ruiz were two of the top four rushers in this game.  Webb returned the opening kick and rushed on the first play.  Ruiz (apparently his suspension doesn't apply to this game) had the first rush for the American team, and was named the offensive MVP.  He had the longest rushing play and most rushing yards/play.

Great representation of Penguin FB in this All Star game in front of NFL and CFL scouts...who must be sitting on the camera side  :D

The final exam in Frisco, Texas, has been taken and grades are in for this year’s Youngstown State football team.


Grade: B

Overall: As much slack as the offense rightly took when YSU was unable to find the end zone with any consistency throughout the middle of the season, this unit had tons of achievements to hang their hats on, including a new school record 394 rushing yards in their first game. At the end of the regular season, the quarterback play of once fourth-stringer Hunter Wells was on full display in a 65-20 win at Missouri State and it was mainly the offense winning huge playoff games at Jacksonville State and Eastern Washington.

Despite four different quarterbacks and suspensions to running back Martin Ruiz and wide receiver Darien Townsend in the playoffs, this unit came together nicely by season’s end.


Who’s gone: Possibly Trent Hosick as he attempts to recover from a broken collarbone.

Who’s returning: Hunter Wells, Ricky Davis, Nathan Mays.

Grade: B-

Overall: Injuries and turnover at the position hurts this grade more than anything. Davis was mostly effective at the beginning of the season as he battled through concussions while it was Wells who grew up quickly midway through the season to lead the team through the playoffs. When the offense was struggling to move the ball, it was mainly because of the quarterback play. But when the offense was dangerous late in the year, it was because Wells was hitting his stride.

Running Back

Who’s gone: Jody Webb, Ruiz.

Who’s returning: Tevin McCaster, Joe Alessi, Devon McNutt, London Person.

Grade: A.

Overall: By far the best offensive unit this year. The two-headed monster of Webb and Ruiz was unstoppable for most defenses and the occasional great game from McCaster made the transition to lean on Webb more a smooth transition once Ruiz was suspended. The experience McCaster gained will be invaluable to the YSU offense next year as he’ll be the only returner with significant experience.

Tight Ends

Who’s gone: Jacob Wood.

Who’s returning: Kevin Rader, Shane Kuhn, Anthony Parente.

Grade: A

Overall: Whether it was helping out in the run game, or being the easy, open target when wide receivers were having trouble getting open, the tight ends were dependable and steady all year long for an offense that was constantly changing in every other area. The catch by Rader to win the FCS semifinal didn’t hurt this grade.

wide receivers

Who’s gone: Nobody.

Who’s returning: Damoun Paterson, Alvin Bailey, Robert Byrd, I’Tavious Harvin, Isiah Scott, Stefan Derrick, Jermiah Braswell, Townsend, Donovan McWilson, Zack Torbert, Lasander Washington, Ryan Emans, Samuel St. Surin, Brad Good, Tre’von Williams, Darius Shackleford

Grade: C+

Overall: The grade might be a little harsh considering this is the unit that was most affected by all the turnover at quarterback. But there were flashes of what players like Bailey and Patterson could become at games like West Virginia, Jacksonville State and Missouri State. A full offseason and fall camp with consistency at quarterback will do wonders for a talented group.

offensive line

Who’s gone: Brock Eisenhuth, Dylan Colucci.

Who’s returning: Jarred Jones, Gavin Wiggins, Justin Spencer, Norman Fox, Connor Sharp, Cameron Fraser, James Wilson, Jacob Zinni, Jason Simx, Jeff Rotherham, Cole Newsome, Vitas Hrynkiewicz, Cole McHenry.

Grade: A-

Overall: This group not only opened up gaping holes for the running backs all year, but had to learn how to play together during a fall camp when the team was trying to pick between four quarterbacks. The injuries at quarterback kept the level of difficulty high. But this group was consistent despite all the inconsistency on the scoreboard.


Grade: A

Overall: The YSU defense performed and then some this year. From holding Robert Morris to negative rushing yards to holding opposing offenses to well below season averages on a weekly basis, this unit picked up three-and-outs like the Browns picked up losses. When the offense couldn’t find the end zone, it was the defense that you could credit for wins over Indiana State and Northern Iowa.

Defensive Line

Who’s gone: Joshmere Dawson, Avery Moss, Derek Rivers, Rickey Hagood.

Who’s returning: Jamal Smith, Johnson Louigene, Shereif Bynum, Savon Smith, Justin Metzel, Giacamo Cappabianca, Simon Smith, Cody Squiric, Lamont Ragland, Wesley Thompson, Donald Mesier, Fazson Chapman.

Grade: A+

Overall: Rivers and Moss were monsters all year to opposing offenses while defensive tackles Mesier, Savon Smith and Squiric were black holes to opposing run games. This unit was able to consistently make life easier for the rest of the defense by shutting down running attacks and then going after the quarterback once teams abandoned the run.


Who’s gone: Jamar Pinnock, Jaylin Kelly, Cole Kochman.

Who’s returning: Jonathan Pollock, Lee Wright, Nathan Pittman, Malachi Newell, Christian Randall-Posey, Curtis Parks, Armand Dellovade.

Grade: A-

Overall: Dellovade, only a sophomore, led the Penguins in tackles and the unit executed at a high level despite losing Wright for the regular season before seamlessly fitting him back into the lineup for the playoffs. This unit was able to blitz effectively thanks to the double teams the defensive line forced and was able to play pass defense when blitzing wasn’t necessary.


Who’s gone: Eric Thompson, LeRoy Alexander, Kenny Bishop, Nate Dortch, Jameel Smith, David Rivers III.

Who’s returning: Kyle Hegedus, Solomon Warfield, Avery Larkin, Jalyn Powell, Billy Nicoe Hurst, D.J. Thomas, Chrispin Lee, Darius Hall, Kieran Winn, Mike Nash, Logan Rhea.

Grade: B

Overall: This unit probably gave up more passing yards due to teams abandoning the run so often. The secondary was susceptible to the deep ball against West Virginia, South Dakota State and Eastern Washington, and gave away momentum in critical moments. Having to go up against EWU’s passing game without Alexander or Smith due to suspensions didn’t help matters. But overall, this unit performed adequately.

Special Teams

Who’s gone: Nobody.

Who’s returning: Nate Needham, Connor McFadden, Steven Wethli, Mark Schuler, Zak Kennedy.

Grade: C

Overall: Schuler was excellent throughout the season, averaging 42.5 yards per punt as a freshman and Townsend’s punt return won the Indiana State game. But Kennedy was consistently inconsistent making 16-19 field goals from 39 or fewer yards and was 3-10 from 40 yards away or more and nearly cost the team the Wofford win in the FCS quarterfinals. Two field goals were blocked and a blocked punt in the National Championship game came at the worst possible moment.


Grade: A

Overall: You’d be hard pressed to find a coaching staff who had to deal with more throughout a season. From four different quarterbacks, suspensions to five significant starters and an inconsistent offense, the coaching staff was able to keep this team focused and ready to play each week. Lesser coaching staffs would have gotten a lot less out of this team

YSU Penguin Athletics / Ice Castle Club Level?
« on: January 08, 2017, 04:19:24 PM »
Renovations on the East stands are scheduled to begin soon to create a new press box, which would open new loges atop the West stands and increase loge revenue.

Why not include a club level as part of the East stand renovations?  Look at this video of JMU's club level created during their recent renovations five years ago:

It doesn't have to be as extravagant as that, but what if a climate-controlled section was created with a few perks...comfortable seating, dedicated restrooms, and a dedicated bar and limited buffet?  If there is such a waiting list for far more costly loges, wouldn't there be a demand for this?  Wouldn't it bring out fans who are willing to spring more $$, but otherwise won't go to a game and sit in a cold rain?  Especially after the success of this season?

YSU Penguin Athletics / UND to join the MVFC?
« on: November 06, 2016, 02:37:08 PM »

"The University of North Dakota is in discussions with the Missouri Valley Football Conference and the Summit League about feasible timelines to leave the Big Sky Conference, according to text messages obtained by the Grand Forks newspaper."

I think this makes absolute sense in terms of the MVFC as a whole, particularly the (soon to be) four Dakota school members.  I wonder if there will be a ninth conference game each year once UND is added, which will add to our travel budget, but also increase our SOS.  If it happens, it makes YSU even more of a geographic outlier.  IMO, we're just biding time until the inevitable MAC implosion.

YSU Penguin Athletics / Nikki Arbanas out for the season
« on: October 14, 2016, 08:51:26 AM »
Huge setback on the first day of practice.  Best wishes to Nicki for a speedy recovery.

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