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General BS / Re: Backlash over Ron Brown hiring has already started
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:30:16 PM »
"oh well..." is absolutely the right thing to say. Nothing that has happened so far (outside of Pelini's uneducated rant being conveniently-released days after it happened and the day he accepted the YSU job) is anything less than great for the university & I mean great. If the guy is sent packing in 2 or 3 years, we would be far better off than having him not be here.

Any time you hire a major figure, there is controversy ...aka hiring coach Tressel as president.

There are 4 Sears trophies on the campus of YSU ...all from the sport of football and all occurred during the era of TV. Yet, most people we play against have no idea. Most people in the media do not care (outside of the locals). Most sports fans have no idea. Yet the vast majority of sports fans and media know who Tressel is and that he works here. Most now know who Pelini is and that he works here as well.  How great is that!? Nobody ever heard of Brown (outside of the hard core fans and misguided  in Nebraska) and no one is going to have heard of him here ...outside of the misguided and hard-core fans.

Also, any team effort requires unity. Generally speaking: religion (as a system of beliefs) is a tremendous unification tool. This why 7k people kneel simultaneously at my ma$$ on Sunday. It is when you misuse religion that it becomes a divider. Until the point where this may happen, this is a non-issue. This is why I moved it to the General board. Because people are going to turn it into something that is today cla$$ified as "political".

I hope for YSU's sake that you are correct. However, there is definitely a downside to Bo. He can do lots of damage in 3 years unless he changes his ways.

General BS / Re: Backlash over Ron Brown hiring has already started
« on: April 08, 2015, 07:48:52 PM »
This whole thing has me at a loss.  Ron Brown should be on a short leash because??  I understand he is outspoken, but let's be honest, Muslims certainly wear their religious beliefs "on their sleeve."  Literally, you can see it from a 1/2 mile away.  And isn't free speech part of what we believe and teach at YSU? 
If we are going to be "all inclusive" and everybody's opinion is valuable and in fact needed.  How do we justify our bias against bigots?  If Muslims are welcome, gays welcome, transgenders welcome why aren't fundamentalist Christians and bigots welcome?

That's an easy question.  No.  No they're not welcome.  Bigots and Fundamentalist Christians are never happy just saying what they believe, They believe they have some pre-ordained, manifest destiny to manipulate and tell people how to live, even change laws if necessary.   Why is this bad?  Because a majority of society thinks it is.   A person is completely free to go against society, but society is also free to cast a person out.

Its like driving the wrong way on the expressway and yelling at everyone else that they're breaking the law.  Its called being a jacka$$.  Just because you're on the expressway doesn't mean you have to drive the same car, listen to the same music, or go to the same place as other people.  But it does mean to keep your car in your lane in an orderly fashion so everybody gets where they're going. 

As for Brown, I hope he does well at YSU, but all should know that if he says something opinionated or bigoted he will be skewered for it, and he will have earned every burn mark.  If YSU is prepared to protect his freedom of speech they should be prepared for the long greased up lens of ESPN, and lawyers.  Fact.

Ron Brown is definitely polarizing and stubborn, even to his detriment. He is an impressive speaker who genuinely cares about the kids he coaches. Despite this, he has had so few professional opportunities in coaching that he had to follow Bo, who occasionally spits in his face and is a poor coach. What he has over Bo - despite his arguably bigoted, archaic religious beliefs - is sincerity. Bo cares only about Bo. Sadly, this will become apparent in ways that are sure to be damaging.

Ron is real, love him or hate him. Bo is a phony, malicious chameleon who will suck the life and morale out of everything he touches.

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